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Robert T Lee and Associates Ltd are the countries leading strictly independent expert witnesses and car inspections specialists.

Our car inspections give peace of mind to potential owners and purchasers of used cars and vehicles. Vehicle and car inspections are carried out and checked throughout the UK within 48 hours of instruction. Comprehensive reports including digital images are available within 24 hours of inspection.

As vehicle consultants, automotive engineers, assessors, forensic accident engineers, claims investigators and vehicle valuers we provide comprehensive accident investigation services. These can be for litigation purposes on behalf of the claimant, defendant, criminal lawyers, insurance companies, brokers, fleet companies or any motor industry related body.

We provide bespoke services for insurers including car inspections, vehicle checks and assessment, repair authorisation, final account auditing and desktop digital imaging.

Specialist reports are available for heavily damaged vehicles, accident reconstruction, locus reports and paint and bodywork faults. We carry out component failure inspections for warranty companies and motor manufacturers. We also provide causation reports and offer a fraudulent claim investigation service. 

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